The need for clear, concise project reports

The project manager deals in volume, details, numbers; the presentation audience wants brevity, a summation, a picture.

How can you translate your project details into a brief summary which clearly conveys the status of the project?

This guide offers methods for how to create clear, concise project reports along with a few tips on what to report when you donít know whereto start.


On the pages which follow, you will learn more about these areas:

  • The ready-for-prime-time project status report

  • What to report when you donít know where to start

  • Budget status presentations

  • Getting the most information on a single-page report

  • Viewer-friendly earned value reports

  • Summary reports with drill-down

  • Baseline and current schedule reports

  • Highlighting major milestones in summary reports

     And much more.

  What to include in a project status report

You are told to create a status report, but are not told what to report. So where do you begin?

Start by asking yourself, ďWhat does my audience need to know about the project and how can I show them?Ē



Typically, the answer will be a single-page report which contains a summary view of the project, major phases and deliverables, as well as:

  • Planned and current dates

  • Status of each phase

  • Planned and current costs

  • Forecasted finish dates

  • Forecasted costs

  • Earned value

  • Major milestones

  • Major completion dates

  • Delivery dates

While your content may vary, itís important to present clear and concise data.


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