Using consistent symbology

“What symbol do I use for a critical milestone?”


If your company does not have a standard symbology set, then the answer is “whichever symbol you want to use.”


However, if you are attempting to standardize the symbology used in project reports, here are few tips:

  • Use simple, intuitive symbol choices

  • Be consistent in applying the symbology

  • Clearly define the meaning of each symbol in a legend


Below is an example of intuitive symbology based on the following logic:

  • Green for starting activities

  • Red for finishing activities

  • Yellow for “on hold”

  • Check-mark for completed

  • Up arrow to start

  • Down arrow for completion

  • Slash mark for changed date

  • Circle or similarly mark critical milestones

  • A package for a deliverable

  • Once your symbology is established save the format to be re-used for the next schedule or shared with a colleague.