Display both Summary and Detail


While one-page reports are great for a summary of the project’s status, what if your audience also needs to see more detail? That is, how can you display a summary AND the details?


Method 1

Present a single-page report which can expand to show the details of specific activities.

On the opposite page, a single-page report of the project summary and major phases can be expanded by drilling-down to expose detailed activity levels.


Method 2

Present primary schedule with links to other, more detailed project data.


Example 1 below is a summary schedule with task bars for major project phases. Selected milestones are linked to other files, including a more detailed schedule, a costs spreadsheet, product specs document, and a project design file.



Method 3

Present a web page with a summary view and interactive links to drill-down to the details.

Example 2 below is an example of a web page containing a graphic of the schedule “rollup” summary. Upon clicking a summary task, the sub-tasks are revealed.

Whatever your method, an all-in-one summary plus detailed report satisfies the audience who requires just a project “snapshot” and those who need the details.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”   

— Robert Collier, Author