Reporting accuracy: from database to project report

When project information resides in a database, how can you best extract selected data for a top level, “Big Picture” report? 

With most reporting tools, you can populate the presentation schedule by:

  • A manual drawing

  • Importing

  • Automation

Of these options, creating a presentation report through a custom automation program offers many key benefits:

  • 100% accuracy in the report data

  • Time-savings in creating the report

  • When project data changes, the report can be instantly re-created

  • Report populated with live project data

With a programming language as simple as Visual Basic, you can pull project details from your database and populate a schedule report...all at the push of a button.

NASA and United Space Alliance use Milestones software as the reporting output for their International Space Station flight data stored in an Artemis database.


Their custom VB program extracts data to instantly populate the “Big Picture” report for the flight manager.


No more combing through hundreds of data records to manually draw them for a report.