Presentation time!...Now what?

Your project status report is ready to present...

...but which medium do you use to present it? PowerPoint? Word? Another tool?


All of these options are valid.  Most likely, your existing environment will dictate the presentation vehicle.


However, itís best to present the project report in the tool which created the report.

Why? This allows you to employ the toolís functionality during the presentation. For example, you can expand and collapse to various project/ phase/task levels. The alternative is a non-flexible image of the report.


Web pages are another good alternative if they allow a certain level of drill-down within the web page.


When the project report does not need to be interactive, pasting the schedule image into PowerPoint is another solution.



  • Present from the tool which created the report

  • Paste the report into PowerPoint or Word

  • Generate web pages with interactive links for drill-down