Presenting budget status

If it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed.”

A compelling project status measure is spending.

For reporting spending status in answer to “Are we spending more than we planned?”, you might show:

  • A stoplight dashboard of troubled vs. healthy project phases

  • Numbers and graphs of budget/spending figures

  • An earned value report

  • A combination of these approaches

The examples below show this variety of report formats, including:

  • Stoplight status of budget vs. cost variance

  • Budget and cost values by major activity and overall project

  • Quarterly and cumulative cost and budget totals

  • The reference date for the status report (dashed line)

  • Color and symbols for key phases, milestones and project review dates

By showing these values and stoplights with the schedule timeline, the data is much more meaningful than separate spreadsheets, dashboards, and schedules.