Reporting baseline and current status

“The best-laid schemes of mice and men Often go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, Instead of promised joy!*


The 18th century poet, Robert Burns, got it right when he wrote that well-meant plans will often change.


And your project report may need to display those changes against the original plan.


So, how can you show both the baseline plan and the current plan in a single report?

The best practice is to show both the baseline and current data wherever possible, including:

  • Start and end dates

  • Milestone dates

  • Cost and spending

  • Man hours

  • Duration

Below is an example of this in action, including:

  • Baseline and current task timelines, one on top of the other

  • Graphs of current and baseline costs as quarterly and cumulative values

  • Baseline and current start and finish dates



*Apologies to Robert Burns for this rough translation


“There can’t be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”

— Henry Kissinger


A schedule defends from chaos and whim.

— Annie Dillard,

U.S. author